2014 CES: Products to Watch

14 Jan, 2014


It’s the annual showcase of the latest and greatest technologies: The International Consumer Electronics Show. Commonly known as the CES, this annual event reveals exciting gadgets to thousands of attendees from all over the world. And the 2014 CES has made waves. Representatives from some of the world’s leading consumer technology companies announced their advanced new products, ranging from mobile phones and tablets to kitchen thermometers and cameras. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite products from the big electronics tradeshow.

The Curved 4K TV

It’s no surprise that a handful of 4K Ultra HD TVs were announced at the CES, but Samsung and LG took things a step further by creating groundbreaking curved 4K TVs. Not only do these televisions feature 4K Ultra HD technology, but they can also be bent to make the screen curved for the ultimate viewing experience. You can quickly bend the display with a remote, making it easy to switch between a flat and curved screen.

Introducing the 4K Home Movie

Sony revealed its 4K Handycam, which allows users to capture video in 4K. This compact camcorder will shoot video at a significantly higher quality than today’s HD camcorders, making home movies much clearer, brighter and better. Plus, the Handycam can stream video onto your TV, and it can be connected to your smartphone with an Internet connection. Capturing – and viewing – high quality video has never been easier.

Samsung’s Smart Appliances

To create a kitchen fit for a chef, Samsung analyzed master chefs while they were cooking to discover ways to improve commonly used kitchen appliances. The refrigerator they came up with – model number RH9900 – boasts a 34-cubic-foot capacity, LED display, stainless steel finish and convenient features like a “Chef Pan,” which can be used to marinate meat in the fridge and then go straight into the oven. We predict this refrigerator – and the rest of the Chef Collection suite – will be a popular choice among cooking connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

A Kitchen Thermometer Controlled by Your Smart Device

iDevices announced its latest addition: A smart kitchen thermometer. This cooking thermometer can be monitored by an app on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen when preparing meals. It tracks food temperature and lets you know when your dishes are done. Plus, the app lets you share cooking information (like the temperature of your perfectly cooked salmon dish) with other app users.

The CES 2014 was definitely a hit in the consumer technology world. What were your favorite products? Would you use any of the gadgets listed above?

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