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23 Jan, 2015

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A belt that automatically adjusts to changes in your body, a TV that can go from curved screen to flat screen, and plenty of other innovative devices and technologies were part of the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Brandon Linn, our expert electronics buyer, attended the show. Below are his top trends, predictions and products from CES 2015!


  • Trend: Big screens with Ultra Super HD are establishing a stronger presence – instead of just 4K, think 8K resolution. Learn more about the basics of ultra HD in our 4K expert post.
  • Prediction: 4K and curved TV screens will continue to grow and become more popular as more 4K content is released.


  • Trend: 2-in-1 devices will continue to grow. Additionally, Windows 10 is anticipated as being much better than Windows 8 (yes, they are skipping Windows 9!).
  • Prediction: 3D printing will continue to grow and become more affordable.


  • Trend: Wearables are definitely growing, but this category is still heavily weighted toward fitness.
  • Prediction: Virtual reality simulators (like Oculus Rift) are big on buzz, but they aren’t very prominent in the consumer products space yet.


  • Trend: There’s a stronger emphasis on the connected home.
  • Prediction: There will be one app or network that allows all devices to communicate and be controlled more seamlessly.

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Products that stole the show

  • Most Off-the-Wall: Belty, the smart belt that can keep track of your weight loss and will adjust accordingly throughout the day.
  • Most Expensive: A curved TV that adjusts from a curved screen to a flat screen.
  • Most Useful: Mother and the Motion Cookies, smart sensors that can do everything from reminding you to take your daily pill, counting your steps or letting you know when your child gets home on time.
  • Underdog Award/Most Unexpected: A sink built into a Samsung washing machine.

What new technology or product from CES 2015 are you most excited about?

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