4K TV: It’s Here to Stay

21 Oct, 2014

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Bob Demaree

4K TV: What is it, and is it here to stay?

In this post, our resident 4K TV expert and guest contributor, Bob Demaree, explains what you need to know about this state-of-the-art technology.

By Bob Demaree, Product Expert and Guest Contributor

HDTV seemed pretty awesome when it came along, and it has been awesome. HDTV put entertainment in the home with a picture better and bigger than ever before.

Now 4K Ultra HD TV makes the picture even greater. Ultra HD has a resolution of 3840×2160 – that’s 8,294,400 pixels and four times what 1080p HDTV sets have been able to deliver. You could fit every pixel from your 1080p set onto one quarter of a 4K screen.

When you watch 4K TV, it’s more like you’re looking out a window than you’re watching TV. You have a front row seat at the ballgame, a close-up view to all the happenings on “Survivor” and a guided view to every scene on your favorite TV show.

Maybe you can’t be there, but you can feel like you’re there. That’s what 4K Ultra HD TV does for you.

Bigger is always outstanding with 4K Ultra HD TVs, which are especially effective on screens 65 inches or larger. Still, no matter the screen size, 4K Ultra HD TV improves picture quality.

It’s tremendous to think about.

The first mass-produced TVs in the 1940s were small and the picture was fuzzy, and only in black and white. Now, the Ultra High Definition TVs are big with a picture that’s clear, detailed and incredibly life-like with vibrant colors.

4K Ultra HD changes the way you watch TV. The pixels on a 4K Ultra HD TV are four times smaller than an HDTV, so it becomes harder to see them. So you the closer you sit to the TV, the more you are immersed in the action. The ideal distance for a 55” or 65” 4K Ultra HD TV is between five and six feet, which is closer than the recommended distance from a 35” HDTV. Forget about what your mom used to say about sitting too close to the screen. Ultra HD TV makes it OK.

More 4K Ultra HD content is being produced, and that combined with a 4K Ultra HD TV leads to a viewing experience that includes razor sharpness of the text and graphics. And the image quality of 4K Ultra HD TV is simply stunning, revealing a depth of detail that’s unprecedented.

Everything looks better with 4K Ultra HD TV. There’s no turning back. 4K TV is here to stay.

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Bob Demaree

Bob Demaree has written product content for hhgregg since 2002. He previously worked as a journalist at three Indiana newspapers including The Madison Courier, the Vevay Revelle-Enterprise and the Starke County Leader.

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  1. January 27, 2015

    I actually have a question, not a comment. How does one take advantage of the upgraded picture quality if both HD TV programs are broadcast at 1080P, at best, and BLU-RAY discs are manufactured utilizing the same 1080P technology ?

    Thank you,


    • Bob Demaree
      January 30, 2015

      Hi Jack,

      The best way to get the most out of your new 4K TV would be streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. They offer 4K programming on newer Samsung, LG and Sony 4K UHD TVs. Other offerings like Sony’s Video Unlimited Service and M-GO are great ways to expand your watching experience. Cable providers DirectTV and Comcast are currently working on launching their own 4K content later this year.

      • January 30, 2015

        Thanks for the info Bob, especially regarding Comcast since they are my current provider.

  2. January 27, 2015

    Great information, thank you! When you mentioned that “more 4k ultra HD content is being produced” can you explain whether there is a significant perceptual difference in the readily available HD content at this time on the 4K versus a 1080HD? Thank you

    • Bob Demaree
      January 30, 2015

      Hi Bobby,

      4K content continues to be produced using new cameras and technology. We recommend using a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video to get the most out of your 4K TV at this time. We wouldn’t say there is more 4K content over HD, but within the next year, you’ll be amazed to see how much content will be released.

  3. April 04, 2015

    In theory of lines of resolution 4K streaming services can be the only way to get “4K UHD” seen on your 4K TV. However given the high compression and dependency on strong internet connection in practice the streaming image will be of poor quality and full of artifacts.

    BLURAY – although only 1080p – will still look best on a 4K TV as of now (2015) because the bit-rate is nice and high and the compression is of high quality. The BLURAY 1080p image will upscale beautifully to UHD and will look way better than NETFLIX streaming or AMAZON Streaming.

    For a real 4K experience try and play a 4K file with minimum compression or wait till they start making 4K BLURAY discs!

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