Best Apps To Tailor Your Homegating Experience

21 Sep, 2015

One of the biggest pleasures of homegating is not only being able to watch the game with friends and family from the comfort of your own living room, it’s being able to follow everything connected to your own football interests from your phone or tablet without worrying about your signal or wireless connection. There are plenty of great apps out there that will make your game days more interesting and your homegating parties more fun. Here are some apps that every homegater should have on their device.

1. NFL Mobile

When it comes to video, up-to-the-minute stats and scores and news, the NFL Mobile app pretty much has everything that a football could ask for during games. Add that to the fact that the NFL recently rolled all of its great NFL Now content into NFL Mobile and you have a fantastic one-stop shop for all things pro football.

2. Your Fantasy Football App

Whether you use NFL, ESPN, Yahoo or one of the other many fantasy football sites out there, having quick and easy access to fantasy football on mobile is a blessing for anyone who likes to tinker with their lineup(s) on the go or trash talk with friends on game day.

3. NFL Homegating

Yes, the NFL has a homegating app and it’s actually pretty great. The app will keep your favorite team’s schedule so that you always have a reminder of when to plan your next homegating event. And while the app does function as a team-themed party store, it also allows users to send out invites to people on their contact lists, view homegating cooking tips and recipes from the NFL and share recipes and tips to others using social media.

4. theScore

The Score allows users to customize what sports news they receive, so one can receive notifications not only on their favorite sport, but also on their favorite teams and players. The scope may be a bit broader than the other apps included on this list but theScore has great depth to it as well with stories, stats and videos from around pro sports.

5. Twitter

This may take a good amount of time to set up (especially if you don’t have a Twitter account) but once you’ve followed your favorite team, athletes, local beat reporters and national sports personalities, Twitter can become an invaluable part of your Sunday homegating experience. News from around the NFL will often disseminate through Twitter immediately, giving you and your friends updates on scores, highlights and injury reports before articles are written on the subject. If your favorite players have Twitter accounts, those can often be sources of fun and conversation as well. It may require more effort to customize your own football interests compared to the other apps listed above, but when you do, Twitter becomes a must-have for game day.


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