7 Movies You Forgot Were Set During the Holidays

09 Dec, 2014

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We’re all familiar with the classic Christmas films you see on television every year, and the ones you pop in to your Blu-ray player once the snow begins to fall each December.   It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone and A Christmas Story are all great movies, and each has become a holiday staple,  but what if you’re looking for something different to watch on your brand new big screen TV?  How about these 7 movies you forgot were set during the holidays.  Sure, these might not be the most family friendly movies on the shelf, but they are lot of fun to watch!


One of the greatest action movies of all time also happens to be a Christmas classic.  With all the quotable one-lines, destructive explosions, shattering glass and gun-fire, it’s easy to forget that the story is based around NYPD cop, John McClane (Bruce Willis), heading to LA to visit his family on Christmas Eve.   Santa doesn’t make any appearances in the film, but you do get Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) as one of the best baddies in all of cinema, as well as some dramatic Christmas music that you never thought would fit so beautifully with a hostage takeover.  Unfortunately for McClane, he, much like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, has the worst luck with holiday travel and gets stuck in the exact same situation the following Christmas Eve in the sequel, Die Hard 2: Die Harder. – Trailer


This Steven Spielberg project begins like your run-of-the-mill holiday movie, with a father desperately trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for his son.   What we quickly learn is that you may want to think twice before buying an exotic pet from a creepy antique store in the back alleys of Chinatown, especially if that pet comes with three very specific and cryptic rules.  Kingston Falls looks like your average small town, full of holiday cheer, until Billy (Zach Galligan) breaks all three rules with his new pet Mogwai, Gizmo, and accidently sets in motion a devastating and destructive gremlin infestation.  The movie is creepy, gross and sometimes scary, but it’s also funny, heart-warming and features one of the strangest retellings of a Christmas urban legend. – Trailer


When you see the names Tim Burton and Johnny Depp on the cover of a movie, you know you’re in store for something bizarre.  Edward (Johnny Depp) is the creation of an old inventor that wanted to create a human-like young boy.  He accomplished his goal but died before being able to complete his work, leaving Edward with only scissors for hands.  It’s never quite explained why the inventor thought scissors of all things were the best substitute for actual hands, but the story moves on regardless.  Edward is adopted by a loving family in the small town nearby, and instantly makes an impact on the residence there.  For awhile things are going well for Edward, even earning the love of Kim (Winona Ryder), but a few “accidents” around the holidays cause the town-folk to turn on him, forcing Edward into a deadly duel with Kim’s jealous boyfriend.  We don’t get a merry Christmas ending, but we do learn where snow comes from! – Trailer


Along with helping to end the Cold War and introducing us to Dolph Lundgren, Rocky IV is an underrated Christmas movie.  Sure, most of the plot centers around boxer, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stalone), coming out of retirement to avenge the in-ring death of his friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) at the hands of a Russian super-fighter, but the whole thing takes place around the holiday season.  Rocky spends the latter half of the film training in Siberia, preparing for his unsanctioned fight against Drago scheduled for Christmas Day.  Meanwhile, Adrian and Rocky’s son, Robert, watch the fight at home with their robot butler.  Rocky V also takes place around Christmas, but nobody wants to watch that sequel. – Trailer


Much like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon is arguably one of the greatest action flicks of all time and you’d easily forget that it’s set during the holidays.  Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is an aging LAPD Homicide Sergeant contemplating his upcoming 50th birthday.  Riggs (Mel Gibson) is an ex-U.S. Army Special Forces soldier turned LAPD Narcotics Sergeant suffering from severe depression after the loss of his wife.  The unlikely duo are begrudgingly forced to become partners while trying to solve a case involving murder, drug smuggling, and eventually the kidnapping of Murtaugh’s daughter.  Oh, and it’s got Gary Busey as the bad guy!  There’s fighting, shooting and a lot of cursing, but in the end Riggs earns the respect and friendship of his new partner and even gets invited to spend Christmas with the Murtuaghs. – Trailer


Before Christian Bale took over as the caped crusader, Michael Keaton was still the man behind the mask.  In his second outing as Batman, the Dark Knight squared off against two new Gotham City villains, Catwoman (Michelle Phifer) and The Penguin (Danny DeVito).  Catwoman was out for revenge against former boss and billionaire businessman, Max Shreck (Christopher Walken), while disfigured circus performer Penguin was trying to reclaim his birthright as one of Gotham’s premier families.  Lost in all the costumes, crime-fighting and comic book action is the fact that Batman is trying to stop both of these baddies during Christmas.  Even Bruce Wayne wants to be home for the holidays. – Trailer


On Christmas Eve, cat burglar Gus (Dennis Leary) is attempting to steal jewelry out of a safe when his plan goes south and he’s forced to run from the cops.  To make his escape, Gus hijacks a couple (Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis) on their way home from marriage counseling, but they seem more concerned in bickering with each other than they do the gun-toting criminal in the backseat.  Through a number of mishaps, Gus has to maintain his cover by pretending to be the couple’s new marriage councilor when their kooky family begins to arrive at the home.  Though considered a dark comedy, the movie has a happy ending, proving that sometimes all you need to save a marriage is the holiday spirit, and a comedic criminal.  – Trailer

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