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23 Jan, 2014

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Apple TV: Overview

Apple TV is a media player made for those who want an easy way to stream media on an HD TV, whether it’s a movie from iTunes, the latest Netflix show or the pictures from your Caribbean vacation. With Apple’s AirPlay technology, you can use your iOS device to control what plays on your TV, without wires.

Apple TV: Tips and Tricks

Forget the user’s manual (sort of); check out these easy tips and tricks to get the most out of your Apple TV!

To return to the main menu:
Hold down on the menu button to return to the main menu quickly and easily.

To organize your home screen:
Select the app you want to move, then hold down on the remote’s select button (the silver button in the center of the remote).

To view video in slow motion:
Pause the video by clicking the Play/Pause button, then select the right or left button to fast forward or rewind in slow motion.

To ensure you’re watching video in the best quality for your TV size:
Check your Apple TV display settings and configure them for your TV screen’s size/resolution.

To use your iOS device as a remote:
Download the Apple Remote App to your device.

To put your Apple TV to sleep quickly:
Hold down the Play/Pause button on the main menu.

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