Ranking The Best Places To Watch Football

15 Sep, 2015

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Thanks to modern conveniences, there are now more ways to watch football than ever before. However, while there are a lot of football viewing options, some are clearly better than others. Check out our top five places to watch football games below. Purists may cringe at stadium-viewing not being listed as the best football-watching option but there’s little denying the fact that today’s technology has made some other options much more desirable than they would have been even a few years ago.

5. Restaurant

Pros: You get a nice meal that is served to you by a (hopefully) nice and attentive waiting staff. The game can often act as a nice diversion in between table talk.

Cons: You are, most likely, not going to a restaurant to watch a football game. The televisions are often not placed in areas that offer optimal viewing for everyone in the restaurant and even if they are, the sound is often turned off. Also, whoever you’re going to dinner with may be slightly put off by your constant head tilting as you look at the television just above their head.

4. Sports Bar

Pros: You get to go to a place filled with other like-minded football fans. You’ll have access to the same kind of food and drink that you could find at a football game, only without paying an arm and a leg for parking and access to the stadium. You don’t have to cook or cleanup your mess afterwards either.

Cons: The scene can often be so loud that you sometimes can’t hear the game or your friends. You know that you can cook better food at home than whatever is being thrown in the deep fryer in the kitchen.

3. Stadium

Pros: You’re there. You get to see the game live and take in the sights and sounds of a stadium full of football fans.

Cons: You’re there. Your seat is nowhere near as comfortable as your living room. The price of tickets, parking, food, drink and memorabilia could probably fund a mission to Mars, or at the very least, act as a down payment for a home theater experience that would rival seeing the game live anyways.

2. Tailgating Lot

Pros: You have all day to cook up some delicious food to eat and share with others. You get to interact with a bunch of different people, make some new friends and watch the game at a relatively cheaper price than watching it in the stadium.

Cons: Lugging your friends, fridge, food and television to and from a parking lot each week can be its own special kind of pain.

1. Homegating

Pros: There’s a reason why a recent survey found that over 2/3 of people prefer homegating to tailgating and that people tended to enjoy football on a new TV over going to the game and tailgating. Homegating is more cost-effective, more convenient and more fun than the other options listed above. You get good food, a great view and a comfortable atmosphere to bond with friends and family.

Cons: You may have to put some initiative into inviting and organizing your own game day party. Even the best of times requires a little gruntwork.

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