Black Friday is Coming!

22 Nov, 2013

Black Friday sale.
Get your shopping lists ready – Black Friday is coming soon! Did you know that more than $59 billion was spent on Black Friday weekend last year, according to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) holiday shopping study? Or that shoppers spent an average of $423 from Black Friday through Cyber Monday? Before you set out on your deal-seeking adventure next week, take our Black Friday quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about this busy shopping weekend.

Black Friday: True or False Quiz

1. Over 1 million adults shopped on Black Friday weekend in 2012.
True. Known as the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday is a record-breaking day for stores. The NRF revealed that over 139 million adults shopped on Black Friday weekend in 2012, which starts on Black Friday and ends on Cyber Monday.

2. Most Black Friday shoppers only bought gifts.
False. One for you, one for me. While Black Friday is an ideal time to find the best deals and sales on holiday gifts, the majority of shoppers – almost 80 percent according to the NRF – purchased items for themselves.

3. Less than 25 percent of shoppers purchased items online.
False. The NRF’s study indicated that over 43 percent of shoppers visited a store website over Black Friday weekend last year. Plus, shoppers spent nearly half of their weekend shopping budgets online. Cyber Monday and Cyber Week are available for consumers who would rather find deals from the comfort of their couches instead of facing the crowds.

4. The most popular items purchased include toys and jewelry.
False. The items purchased most often were clothing/clothing accessories, books/CDs/DVDs/video games and electronics, according to the NRF’s report.

5. Less than 10 percent of shoppers arrived at stores at midnight on Black Friday.
False. The NRF’s data revealed that twenty-eight percent of Black Friday shoppers arrived at stores at midnight on Black Friday for door buster deals. To beat the crowd and pass the lines, check to see which stores open on Thanksgiving before midnight. h.h. gregg’s Black Friday sale begins on Thanksgiving so customers can get an early start on shopping.

How did you do? Whether you passed or failed our quiz, make sure to stop by an hhgregg near you on Black Friday to find the best deals and sales on electronics and appliances.


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