Black Friday Tips

25 Nov, 2016


Ready for the biggest shopping day of the year? With bellies full from Thanksgiving feasts, you and your family can hit up your favorite stores and shopping centers while keeping in mind these Black Friday shopping tips. You can also refer to our 15 Tips for Surviving Black Friday Weekend from Buzzfeed!


Don’t get caught in the hype of Black Friday and purchase a big ticket item without doing your research ahead of time. If you are in the market for a new 4K TV, desktop computer, electric oven range or other large item, you’ll want to read reviews and consumer reports in advance to make sure you’re choosing the best model.

Be prepared for long lines or waits

If you are planning on snagging a Doorbuster, you’ll need to arrive early. Plan on waiting in line, outside, before the store doors open. That means dressing for the weather. Late November can be cold, and depending on where you live, there may be snow, too. So layer up!

You should also keep in mind that you’ll be out shopping for several hours. You may want to eat beforehand or bring snacks to avoid getting hungry while scoring great deals.

Shop with a friend or friends

One of the best tips for Black Friday shopping is to bring along a friend or two. This way you can divide and conquer with each of you shopping in different parts of the store. Black Friday shopping together can turn into a fun annual activity.

Be safe!

Black Friday safety tips are also important. Make sure your wallet is secure and your purse is closed tightly. Consider using your credit card instead of carrying cash. You should also be mindful of other shoppers. As doors open and the crowd rushes toward deals, be careful of bumping into others and take care not to trip.

Check store hours

Hours will vary for each store (hhgregg is not open on Thanksgiving), so be sure to check in advance. You can get more details about hhgregg’s Black Friday sale to find the best deals on electronics, appliances and furniture!

Be flexible

There is no right or wrong approach on how to go Black Friday shopping. Whether you prefer to wait in line for the coveted Doorbuster deals or just like to browse through the store for holiday gift inspiration, how you spend this busy day is completely up to you!

What are your best Black Friday shopping tips?

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