Samsung presents the Black Stainless Steel Collection

15 Dec, 2015



Sleek and sophisticated, this new darker finish from Samsung resists the appearance of fingerprints for an amazing look that complements any style of kitchen. Even better — this black stainless steel finish is magnetic, so you can still display pictures & reminders in the heart of your kitchen. The most exciting aspect of this new finish is that you can find it on a number of Samsung’s most popular and innovative new appliances.

Samsung_lifestyle_BlackStainless_274-Door Flex w/ Cool Zone Technology
Now available in black stainless steel, the 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator boasts an innovative bottom right door that can change from freezer to fridge at the touch of a button, so now you can store more fresh food than ever before.

French Door  w/ FlexZone Drawer 

Not to be forgotten, the French Door version  features the handy FlexZone Drawer which offers easy access for kids and the adjustable Smart Divider for optimal organization options. There are four separate control settings which allow you to thaw or chill your food to the exact temperature you want. This is ideal storage for party platters, deli items and beverages, plus it provides a safe way to defrost items within a controlled space.


Samsung_lifestyle_BlackStainless_12Convection Ranges and Flex Duo™ Ranges with Dual Door™
True Convection circulates heat throughout the oven for more even cooking, plus it’s faster, saving up to 30 percent more time than conventional ovens.  On top of that, owning a Flex Duo™ Range is like having two ovens in one. The Smart Divider allows you to split the spacious 5.8 cubic foot oven and cook at two different temperatures simultaneously. The unique middle-hinged door allows you to open just the top section or the full door, for total flexibility and energy efficiency.


Samsung_lifestyle_BlackStainless_02WaterWall™ Dishwasher
This Samsung Dishwasher provides revolutionary washing performance with the new WaterWall™ technology.   WaterWall™ Technology revolutionizes cleaning with a bar that glides back and forth to deflect high pressure water in all directions, creating a wall of water that gets into hard to reach places. This ensures more even, thorough washing performance than conventional rotary-spraying systems.


Samsung_lifestyle_BlackStainless_10Power Convection Microwave
With the combined powers of convection cooking and microwave heating, your food cooks faster and more evenly than ever before. These models also offer Slim Fry technology which lets you prepare great-tasting fried food with reduced fat, and a ceramic enamel interior that is durable, easy to clean, and scratch resistant.


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