Products that Floored Digital Trends’ Editors at CES 2015

30 Jan, 2015

CES Show Booths
CES never ceases to disappoint, and the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show was no exception. Digital Trends’ Managing Editor, Nick Mokey, provides some of his favorites below – from the most awe-inspiring products he saw to the most off-the-wall.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was all about the underdogs! Some of the most amazing products came from tiny companies none of us have ever heard of. Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter had a lot to do with it. These little companies scraped together just enough funds to build something amazing, and used CES 2015 as a “coming out party” to show it to the world.

This was my seventh CES, and it felt different than any I’ve been to before: less dry corporate showmanship, more real innovation. All of us at Digital Trends are passionate about tech, and it was refreshing to see so much of the same excitement from individual inventors and entrepreneurs showing off the amazing stuff they built on a world stage.

Products are more personal than ever.

Companies are finally getting it: More pixels and gigabytes are great, but only if you use them to improve life somehow. Don’t just make a TV with brighter colors; give me more stuff I want to watch on it. Don’t just show me how many steps I took; motivate me to take more tomorrow. Don’t just make an electric scooter that’s efficient to commute on; make an electric skateboard that’s insanely fun to ride.

We’re always looking for products that fit into our readers’ lifestyles and enhance their experience, not just the biggest numbers. I’m glad more companies are delivering on that promise.

Most innovative: Thync

ThyncCoffee and beer are about to go obsolete. This thing almost behaves like a “digital drug”; you attach it your head with electrodes and it stimulates your nerves to either induce relaxation or more energy. The amazing thing is, we tried it and it actually worked somehow.

Most off-the-wall: OneWheel electric skateboard

We’ve tried some of these goofy electric transportation gadgets before, but the OneWheel is bothOneWheel electric skateboard incredibly simple to learn and fun. Even novices were quickly carving around on its single wheel. It even has enough range to potentially commute on! I can’t imagine a more fun way to get to work without gas.

Most expensive: LG EG9900 77-inch flexible OLED TV

LG OLED TVLook, I don’t even know what this thing costs yet, but I assure you this: Unless you have a five-car garage and a German car in every one, you’re not getting one. I also assure you this: The color will blow your mind. A number of TV manufacturers exhibited new LCD technologies this year, but the crazy blacks of OLED still make me swoon every time.

Underdog: Healbe GoBe

Healbe GoBeHealbe makes an amazing fitness bracelet called the GoBe that can track your calorie consumption without ever telling it what you eat. Chug a Coke, and it knows. Sound too good to be true? Plenty of skeptics called it snake oil, but it’s not. We took some home from CES, and they indisputably work. The world of fitness tracking just changed forever.

Most useful: Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13Yea, laptops are passé, but I get a ton of work done on mine, and if I had to pick a new one, I’d buy Dell’s XPS 13 in a heartbeat. Dell cut out all the useless plastic bezel that usually surrounds a screen so that you have a 13-inch display, but it takes up the same space as most 11-inch laptops. When we got back to DT’s labs, we also found out it was a great performer with excellent battery life. Now that’s a tool.

Most coveted: Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

Mercedes-Benz F 015Less a car and more a lounge on wheels, this is Mercedes’ wild vision of what the future of automotive tech looks like. Front seats swivel backward so that passengers sit across from each other. The dash is one big touch screen. It drives itself — obviously. And the whole thing runs on hydrogen. Most coveted? Definitely.

Most inspiring: Oculus Rift VROculus Rift VR

I was quite literally breathless when I described the Oculus Rift to a colleague after trying it at CES 2015. It puts you more convincingly into virtual worlds than anything I’ve ever tried before. Don the headset, peer over the side of a building in a game, and you get vertigo. When a bullet comes at you in slow motion, you cock your head to dodge it. When a T-rex swoops over you, you duck. Granted, the new version of the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset isn’t that different from the old version (it basically has 3D audio now) but I cannot wait for this tech to go mainstream.

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Nick Mokey is managing editor at Digital Trends. Besides toying with computers and gadgets, he enjoys running, motorcycling, camping, and finding absurd deals on Craigslist. Follow him on Twitter @NickMokey.

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