Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 Recap

28 Jan, 2016

CES 2016 wearables

We asked Brandon Linn, our Ecommerce Merchandising Manager, to share his thoughts on some of the products unveiled at 2016 CES. Just what is CES? It’s a global consumer electronics and technology trade show that takes place every January in Las Vegas. Read on to hear what kind of products wowed and fascinated Brandon!

What are the biggest products to watch for in 2016?

3D printers, wearables and drones will all continue to grow. It may still be early for mass markets, but 3D printing will eventually become a source where consumers will be able to create countless items in their own homes, including clothing.

What brands stood out to you as the most innovative?

There were many new smart home products for babies. Owlet Smart Sock measures a baby’s oxygen level and heart rate while they are sleeping and has already saved lives.

What product or feature surprised you the most?

Almost every major vehicle manufacturer is working on self-driving cars, yet it seems so farfetched. I was surprised to see so much R&D and participation.

What about appliances? Any new innovations in that market?

Samsung Family Hub has cameras inside the refrigerator that let you see what you have at home from your smartphone. It also has a LED screen that, with Wi-Fi, lets you manage weather, family calendars and surf the Web from the hub. One can also stream music from the hub.

Final thoughts on the Consumer Electronics Show?

A lot of fun tech at the show, but most of the newest technologies have not hit mass market due to factors such as product availability and pricing. It will be awesome to see 3D printing and self-driving cars in our lives as often as we see smartphones, but we just are not there yet.

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