How to Clean Your Kitchen in an Hour: Tips from The Kitchn’s Faith Durand

07 Oct, 2015

Organizing Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen need a serious deep cleaning, but you don’t have enough time to spend all day on your hands and knees scrubbing every last inch? Make cleaning your kitchen easier by being more efficient: Follow these kitchen cleaning tips from Faith Durand, Executive Editor for The Kitchn, and you’ll be done in an hour.

Minutes 0 to 5: Getting Started

Start fresh: If you’re so lucky as to have a dishwasher, make a habit of emptying it immediately after it runs. It’s always easier to start cleaning with an empty dishwasher so you can immediately pile all the dishes in.

Triage the dishes: Quickly separate dishes into piles of like pieces – think of it like setting up an assembly line! Stack plates; dump and stack bowls. Fill a big mug with hot, soapy water and pile in all the silverware dirty-side-down.

Triage the clutter: Look critically at your kitchen; does anything belong in another room? Don’t worry about tidying or putting it away properly – just move it to the room where it belongs and deal with it later.

Minutes 5 to 20: Countertops and Surfaces

Leave your sink better than you found it: The real key to a great sink comes in the daily habit of cleaning it after a big dishwashing session. Once it’s empty, squirt a little soap in the sink and suds it up. When it’s all rinsed away, your sink will gleam and smell good.

Flour power: Want a little extra shine for your stainless steel appliances and sink fixtures? Rub them with flour! Yes, it sounds weird but really works. Sprinkle your sink or stovetop lightly with flour, then buff with a soft rag or paper towel until shiny, then brush away any excess.

Minutes 20 to 30: Stove and Microwave

Love your lemons: Lemons are the magic natural ingredient for quickly freshening your dishwasher, microwave and sink disposal. Run half a lemon through the dishwasher to make your dishes sparkle (and banish odors); microwave half a lemon in a small bowl of water, then wipe down the walls with a towel to remove grime; grind a lemon rind in the disposal to freshen it.

Hot water is magic: Boiling water is the best tool for cleaning a stovetop naturally and quickly. Dribble water from a boiling kettle over your stovetop, leave for a few minutes until cool enough to touch, then scrub with a gentle sponge and finish off with a rag. The gross stuff comes right up!

Minutes 30 to 40: Refrigerator

Start with the crisper: When triaging the fridge after a busy couple weeks, start with the crisper drawers, and toss or compost anything that has met an untimely death. Wipe up any obvious spills, then prepare for guests by putting a bottle of wine and a pitcher of water filled with mint or lemon slices in to chill.

Minutes 40 to 55: Floors

Vacuum zoom: Don’t forget your vacuum cleaner! Yes, you can use your vacuum to clean the kitchen floors. Maybe this seems obvious to you, but for some reason, for years I avoided using a vacuum cleaner on tile or wood floors. Why not? A quick zoom with the vacuum will get the majority of your crumbs up; don’t worry about mopping on your hands and knees.

Minutes 55 to 60: Finish Line!

Think of your guests before your kitchen: Guests don’t really care if your floor is clean enough to eat off of, or whether there’s expired ketchup in the back of the fridge. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Instead, pay attention to creating a hospitable environment. Note just how far dark restaurants will go in their efforts to create atmosphere. Lower the lights (or turn them off entirely and light a row of votive candles on the table). Make sure the bathroom has fresh towels and toilet paper; light a fragrant candle in your entryway. And no matter what, if you put a glass of something good to drink in your guests’ hands, and offer it with a smile, they’ll feel right at home!

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faith durandFaith Durand is the Executive Editor for The Kitchn, the largest independent web publication devoted to home cooking, with a readership of over 18 million readers a month. Faith’s latest book is the James Beard Award-winning The Kitchn Cookbook, coauthored with Sara Kate Gillingham. She is also the author of Bakeless Sweets, the first cookbook dedicated to pudding and no-bake desserts. Faith lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband.




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    Very well split kitchen task! I also like to plan my time for each thing in the kitchen I am gonna maintain. I will try to do it in an hour in the way you manage to do it. I guess will cope to clean everything for that time. Thanks for the tips:)

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