College Basketball Analysts Hilariously Fail At Imitating Each Other

24 Mar, 2015

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College basketball announcers are just as much a part of the March Madness experience as hoards of cheering fans and major upsets are to the tournament itself.

Whether it’s Jim Nantz’s warm greeting, Kevin Harlan’s bombastic calls or Marv Albert’s guttural delivery, the talent that routinely resides at the broadcast booth of March’s biggest sporting event is simply iconic and neigh impossible to replicate.

If you need any evidence of how irreplaceable these personalities are to your television viewing experience, look no further than the video below where various famous basketball announcers try to impersonate each other’s unique style and delivery. The results are downright amusing, especially Charles Barkley’s attempt to nail the tone of Bill Raftery’s “ONIONS” catchphrase.

It is, dare we say, amusingly “turrible.”

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