Creative Chores for Kids

25 Feb, 2015

Child doing chores in laundry roomChores, housework, household duties – whatever you call them, it can be challenging to get your kids motivated to do them! But doing chores doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve compiled some of the best ways to get children inspired to help out around the house. From laundry games to treasure hunts, try out our creative chores for kids when you start your spring cleaning this year.

Take advantage of online resources

There are plenty of online games and apps that will inspire your kids to do chores! Here are a few to try out:

  • Chorewars is a unique fantasy game that allows you to create characters and receive extra points for every chore completed, thus moving up a level. Your character’s “natural talents” are the chores you or your child is especially good at – vacuuming, dusting, gardening, etc.
  • You Rule is an iOS app you can download on your phone or iPad to turn chores into a game, similar to Chorewars. Chores can be organized by level of difficulty, and your children’s game characters will earn certain amounts of points for each chore completed.
  • Chore Monster is two apps in one – one for you, one for your child. You can set up different chores with designated due dates, and your child can select which chore they would like to do to receive rewards. The best part? You can add any custom rewards to the app – from a monetary prize to a trip to the ice cream shop.

Go on a treasure hunt

To clean up clutter around the house, cater to kids’ shorter attention spans by doing chores in a short burst of time. Make a list of “treasures” for the kids to find in a certain timeframe: magazines, mail, clothes, etc. Set a timer for 10 minutes while your children race to pick up the items on their treasure list. The child who finds the most treasures in 10 minutes wins!

Clear clutter with “I Spy”

Use’s take on the classic “I Spy” game to get things picked up off the floor or have the kitchen table cleared. Describe specific items that need to be picked up – for example, “I spy a round, white plate.” Designate a place for your children to put the items you spied, like the dishwasher. Whoever finds the item spied needs to remove it immediately and place it in the special area.

Sort socks with “Go Fish”

Even adults may find sorting socks to be a chore, but you can use Scholastic’s classic twist on the “Go Fish” game to get the kids to enjoy helping out. You and your children will each blindly grab five socks (“cards”) from the clean laundry as your “hands.” Then, take turns asking for the match for one of the socks in your “hand.” If the person asked doesn’t have a match, “Go Fish” and grab another sock for your “hand.” Keep playing until all socks are matched!

Play “sorting wars”

When it’s laundry time, have your kids help out with the sorting by playing “sorting wars.” Call out the color or type of the items you need to start the next load, and it’s the children’s job to race to collect any dirty clothing items from their rooms that fit the bill. Laundry just got collaborative – and more fun.

Find out what they like to do

Some kids love using the vacuum or broom, while others may think dusting is fun. Watch to see which chores your child enjoys the most when assigning housework for the week. By letting them do the things they like, chores can be much less of a chore.

Do you have a creative way to make chores fun? Share in the comments below.

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