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24 Jun, 2016

coed softball leagueLet’s face it, your team name is a critical aspect to enjoy your summer sports leagues. Choosing something clever or interesting can give your team some instant respect (though the sports skills will still be dependent on your actual team!). Need a little inspiration for your summer sports team name? We’ve outlined a few ideas below.

Be punny

Puns are great for team names. You can play off a song, movie, celebrities, phrase or brand, such as Victorious Secret or the Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers.

Sport specific

Be inspired by your sport of choice. Cornhole league? How about Shut Your Cornhole. Dodgeball work tournament? If You Can Dodge a Wrench. Is Ultimate Frisbee your game? How about The Blu-Ray Disc Players (an hhgregg favorite!)?

Inside jokes

Play sand volley ball with some of your closest friends? No doubt you have a few inside jokes from over the years. Use it to make a unique name, and let the crowd wonder what your team stands for.

Current event based

We can only imagine the clever names that will result of the pending Trump vs. Clinton match up. Prefer to avoid politics? Think about today’s celebrities. The Kardashians can likely inspire hundreds of funny team names.

Reach back to culture icons of the past

Another way to pick a fun sports team name is to think back on some of your beloved movies of the past. For example, an all girls’ team might be called Rosie’s Riveters. Or what about the Napoleon Dynamites favorite animal, the liger? How about Sultans of Swing from Sand Lot?

Random name generator

Still stuck on coming up with a name? There are actual several random team name generators out there that can help. Try this one to get started!

Share your favorite creative sports team names in the comments below!

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