Cyber Monday by the Numbers

25 Nov, 2013

Grab your computer, tablet or smartphone and a shopping list – Cyber Monday is almost here! The Monday following Black Friday is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. Stores across the country will offer online deals, sales and specials on electronics, clothing, toys and more. If you would rather shop from the comfort of your couch instead of facing the crowds on Black Friday, Cyber Monday (and Cyber Week) is the right choice for you. Check out these Cyber Monday facts to learn more about next week’s big shopping day.

1. Nearly half of all Cyber Monday shoppers made purchases at work. According to comScore’s 2012 Cyber Monday press release, over 47 percent of total purchases were made on work devices on Cyber Monday in 2012. Another 47 percent of sales were made while at home, and almost 6 percent of sales originated from people in international locations purchasing items on U.S. websites.

2. Consumers are using mobile devices to research and make purchases. Almost 20 percent of shoppers used their mobile phone or tablet to check out a store’s website, according to IBM’s Cyber Monday Report 2012. And nearly 13 percent of all sales were from mobile devices.

3. Early afternoon is the busiest online traffic time on Cyber Monday. Data obtained from IBM showed that Cyber Monday shopping peaked at 11:25 a.m. EST.

4. The most popular mobile device used to shop was the iPad. Accounting for 7 percent of total online sales, the iPad generated more online shopping than all other tablets or smartphones, including Android, iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy and Barnes and Noble Nook, according to IBM’s report.

5. Customers purchased more items on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. IBM revealed that the number of purchases made on Cyber Monday increased by over 14 percent from Black Friday. On average, 8 items were purchased per shopper on Cyber Monday.

Will you use your smartphone, tablet or computer to shop on Cyber Monday? Are there any special items on your shopping list?


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