Choosing Efficient Space Heaters for Energy Savings

20 Oct, 2016


Sometimes there’s just no substitute for a space heater. Maybe you have an addition or sunroom in your home that never seems to warm up. Or maybe you just like the temperature a lot hotter than your spouse. Even if you’ve investigated the source of the heat loss in your home, and checked for problems with ducts and drafts, you may find that some areas are still inadequately heated. In this case, a space heater can be a good solution to make sure everyone in your family is comfortable.

Unfortunately, portable space heaters tend to be pretty energy inefficient. Electric heating, used by most space heaters, is typically one of the most expensive ways to heat a home. Luckily, manufacturers have gotten wise to their products’ energy problems, and have since started making space heaters with energy efficiency features designed to save you money and electricity. Take a look at some of those options—to help you decide which heater is right for you.

Timed Heating

It’s easy to forget and leave your space heater plugged in when you leave the room. And that doesn’t just consume unnecessary energy—it could also be a safety hazard. Efficient space heaters have a timer attached to them that shuts the device off after a certain amount of hours have elapsed. That way, you won’t have to worry about heating an empty room!


Tired of turning a heater off and on, trying to get the temperature just right? Space heaters with digital interfaces let you set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature so you don’t have to regularly undo the plug. Additionally, these settings allow you to choose the lowest comfortable temperature, which saves energy compared to a conventional space heater.

Multiple Heat Settings

Heaters with multiple heat settings can also help you adjust temperatures to maximize comfort without using up excess electricity. For instance, some models include both high and low settings, and the lower of the two often uses up just 750 watts—which is about the same amount of energy needed to power 12 lightbulbs.

Ceramic Space Heaters

Ceramic heaters are one of the newest innovations in portable heaters. They heat your home through convection, which makes them more energy efficient than other models. Ceramic plates inside the device are heated, and the heat is then absorbed and blown into the room by a fan. The ceramic makes them somewhat safer than other options, too. Most come with thermostats with multiple heat settings and dust filters, as well.

Halogen Heaters

Halogen space heaters are another newer, more efficient technology. These radiant heaters use electricity to power an energy-saving halogen bulb. The heat from that bulb is then radiated out to the room beyond, keeping you warm without gobbling up electricity. The effect is a light, warm heat that feels something like the sun shining down.

In fact, if you really want to save money and electricity, you can even lower the temperature on your HVAC thermostat and just tote the heater around with you wherever you go in your home. Lower energy consumption and cheaper electricity bills? That’s definitely a hot idea!

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