Ranking The Dunks From the Extreme Team’s Latest Video

30 Mar, 2015


Trick shot videos have been all the rage for the past few years, but trick dunk videos are definitely few and far between.  The latest trick video comes in tandem with March Madness and actually takes place at Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.  In the video which you can see HERE, hhgregg teamed up with Jack “Black Jack” Ryan, Brooklyn streetball legend, and the renowned Extreme Dunk Team for some absolutely ridiculous dunks.  We felt the need to rank those dunks.

1. Was it ever in doubt? The best dunk in this video is one in which a world record was set for an appliance flip dunk.  Don’t begin to tell us that you never knew that record existed.  A perfect 10.


2. OK, we literally have no clue what is happening in this video except it is awesome. How awesome?  Check out the face on the young lady  who is handing off a basketball to one of the extreme team dunk members.  Couple that with two dunks, two off-the-backboard assists and you have the second best dunk in this video.


3. The young lady is back with an assist, and the degree of difficulty has been raised. The real amazing aspect of this dunk is how quickly the dunk team member gets elevation off of the trampoline.  Well done all around.


4. This dunk combines just some silly athleticism with some incredible style. The combination of the both lends itself to this dunk landing in the #4 spot.  Not impressed?  Check out how high the dunker is ABOVE the rim.


5. This is the best solo effort in the bunch, and for good reason. Check out how the dunker is blindly taking off and doing a 360 before even seeing the rim.  Oh yeah, and he went through his legs as well.


6. This dunk has mostly everything. A soccer style header assist, some ridiculous style and a finish with authority.  This won’t win any world records, but it will get you a 8.9 in any dunk contest.


7. The last dunk in the video is by no means anything to shake your head at, as it is fairly mind-blowing. The tandem assists and double finish is out of this world, but it lands in last place just due to both dunks feeling run-of-mill after watching the others. We are still quite impressed.


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-NIS Staff
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