Fall Allergy Tips

02 Sep, 2016


Allergies in the fall can make the season less enjoyable for the people who experience them. So you may be wondering what causes allergies in the fall? The abrupt weather changes to cooler temperatures, the changing foliage and the plants constantly releasing pollen into the air are just some of the many factors that may cause fall allergy symptoms. Here we’ll provide some fall allergy tips and how to find relief.

Fall allergy symptoms

The severity of each symptom can vary depending on what part of the body has been exposed and how long the exposure lasted. The most common fall allergies have symptoms such as:

Exposed Body Part Symptoms
Eyes & Nose Watery and itchy eyes,
runny mucous from the nose,
excessive sneezing
Lungs Wheezing,
huffing when trying to breath,
mild asthma
Mouth/Stomach Itching in the back of the throat,
upset stomach,
Skin Hives,
unwanted spots on the skin,
dry or itchy skin (eczema)

Fall allergy relief

The fall season will eventually lead to cooler temperatures which means we will start spending more time inside. This will also lead to more exposure to indoor allergens. Here are some tips to rid your life of both indoor and outdoor allergens:

  • If you are sensitive to dust, mold or any other bacteria commonly found indoors, the best suggestion would be to buy a dehumidifier.
  • Stay clean. Dust and vacuum on a regular basis (floor care is a must!).
  • Avoid hanging clothes outdoors to dry. Pollen sticks to laundry very easily. These clothes will bring the allergies with them once completely dry and brought inside.
  • Use an air conditioner at night. This will prevent any extra toxins from coming into your home along with keeping it at a comfortable temperature. Remember to change the filters consistently.
  • If needed, see a doctor. If the symptoms do not go away, it’s possible that you need specific medication. A professionally diagnosed allergy can lead to prevention in the healthiest manner possible.

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