Our Great American Kitchen

16 Apr, 2015

GE Appliances has recently started a film series exploring the heart of American life through family kitchens across the country capturing how real appliance owners cook, talk and laugh in the kitchen. These stores explore honest conversations revolving around cooking culture, family history and traditional recipes – taking a deeper look into our diverse American culture.



BBDO-004-GE-delta-0921-V2_retouchedTHE RICHARDS FAMILY
Austin, Colorado

Five children from all over the world become a family in the kitchen.

My husband and I always wanted a big family. We adopted two boys and a girl from Vietnam. We thought we were done, but then civil war broke out in Sierra Leone. That’s when Alysha and Alyasha came into our lives. They were six years old when we brought them home. America was such a foreign place to them. They had never even seen ice before. They’d always spit it out. Now they’re typical American teenagers.
~ Dorris Richards

To spend more time with their family and less time wiping fingerprints off the fridge, Ken and Doris outfitted their kitchen with GE Profile Slate Appliances. #OurAmericanKitchen

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Each family had a reason for choosing Slate, and found it to be the right choice for their home:

  • New construction – The Geiers (Louisville, Ky.) chose to build a new, smaller home, but didn’t want to lose the classy feel of their previous kitchen. Slate gave their new kitchen a high-end look while also complementing the standard materials used by the developer to build their new home.
  • Kid-friendly – Kelly Reyes and Sean McClernon (Virginia Beach, Va.) and the McHughs (McFarland, Wis.) have young children, and they found that Slate’s resistance to fingerprints, smudges and dirt made it easy to maintain and a perfect fit for a family environment.
  • Black and white – Sebastian Modelowski (Ballston Spa, N.Y.) and Zane Miller (Christiansburg, Va.) learned that Slate can be incorporated into both light and dark decors. Modelowski chose black cabinets and an overall darker tone, while Miller chose white cabinets and light wood for a distinctly brighter feel.
  • Starting Over – The Mitchells (Ocean City, N.J.) have a special story: Hurricane Sandy destroyed their home in 2014, and they were forced to start over. The couple seized the disaster as an opportunity to get the kitchen they always wanted and chose Slate because it offered a completely new style for them.

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