Get Fit, Stay Fit and Be Fit in 2016 with our Health Tips

13 Jan, 2016

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more, prepare nutritious meals or live a healthier lifestyle, we’re here to help you meet your fitness goals. Check out our tips below to see how you can get fit, stay fit and be fit this year.

Get Fit

Wearable fitness gear can get you on track and keep you motivated. Use a fitness tracker to track your steps, sleep and more – you may be surprised by how active (or inactive) you are on a daily basis. Plus, these convenient wearables can sync with an app on your smartphone or computer so you can see your progress anywhere, anytime. The Fitbit app, for example, even lets you set up “challenges” with friends who also have the app, adding in some friendly competition and extra motivation to take the stairs. For more health tips on how to stay on track with your fitness goals, check out our fitness plan check-in.

Stay Fit

Balance your new active lifestyle with healthy, delicious food options. Juicers help to give you all of the nutrients found in fruit, but in a tasty drink. Another healthy option to consider is a blender – you can create your own custom smoothies using fruits, veggies and more. Try these recipes to help you get started!

Be Fit

Next, it’s time to add some healthy upgrades to your home. For the colder months, humidifiers are a great option to add moisture to the dry, cold air. They can also help with sinus issues and asthma. Not sure which type to try? Learn about the differences between cool mist vs. warm mist humidifiers. Then, when the weather gets warmer, make your home more comfortable with a dehumidifier. And lastly, a smart scale will help you monitor your fitness progress!

How do you plan on getting fit in 2016? Don’t forget to check out our Health and Fitness products to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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