Green Monday Sale

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hhgregg’s Green Monday Electronics & Appliance Deals

What is Green Monday?

From Cyber Monday to Black Friday, it seems like there are dozens of uniquely-named sales this time of the year. One you may not be as familiar with (or be completely in the dark about!) is Green Monday.

“Green Monday” refers to the sales and deals held on the second Monday in December, one week after Cyber Monday. The phrase gained traction in 2007 after eBay began to see this day draw its best sales in December. Other retailers jumped on the bandwagon and Green Monday became a major online shopping holiday following on the coattails of its big brother Cyber Monday.

Discover special Green Monday TV deals & more!

On Green Monday this year (Dec. 14), you’ll be able to do some additional holiday shopping and find great deals during the 2015 Green Monday Sale online or at an hhgregg store near you. From 4K TVs to our expansive electronics selection, we’ll be featuring plenty of Green Monday deals to help you save on products from the brands you trust. You can expect to find savings on everything from laundry and kitchen appliances to electronics like computers, tablets, TVs and home theater systems. Shop with us on Green Monday to find the best TV, electronics and appliance deals!