GRILLING SERIES: What Type of Grill Is Right for You?

29 Apr, 2014

Sausages on grill.

Summertime is on the way, which means barbecue season is almost here! To kick off the warmer months and help you prepare for backyard cookouts, we are having a Grilling Series on the blog. Up first is our grill comparison. If you’ve never bought a grill before, you may be deciding between three different types of grills: gas, charcoal and electric. Keep reading to discover what type of grill is right for you.


If authentic smoky flavor is your top priority – and you don’t mind putting in a little extra effort and time into grilling – charcoal is the way to go. From mesquite to hickory, you can achieve a variety of flavors by adding different wood chips to your charcoal grill. Keep in mind that charcoal grills require more space outside (for fire safety) and some cleanup after cooking, as charcoal can be messy. Also, you’ll need extra prep time to get the fire started – but charcoal grill-masters consider this part of the cooking experience! Even though charcoal grills can be less expensive upfront, you will need to purchase charcoal to fuel your grill, and the costs can add up over time.


Gas grills are one of the most popular types of grills, especially for those buying their first grill. While the flavor won’t be as authentic as with a charcoal grill, you will still get good flavor – and much more convenience. Plus, gas grills can come loaded with a variety of helpful features, like side burners, thermometers and warming racks. Keep in mind that you’ll need a natural gas line or propane tank to fuel your grill, depending on the type of gas grill you purchase. Also, a gas grill requires a certain amount of outdoor space for safety, so it may not be the best option if you have a small outdoor living space.


If you are limited on outdoor space and would prefer a very simple grilling option, an electric grill may be the right choice for you. You won’t get that smoky flavor, but in this case, the convenience outweighs the taste. Simply plug your grill into an electrical outlet, and it will start heating up instantly. You won’t have to worry about replacing charcoal or purchasing more propane to fuel your grill. Choose from a variety of sizes, from a compact grill/panini maker that can be stored in your cupboard to a full-size electric grill designed to look like a gas grill.

What is your favorite type of grill for summer cookouts? Share in the comments below!

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