Grill Burners & Casters: What’s the Grill Features Part 2

03 Aug, 2016

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We’ve highlighted and explained the primary cooking area, grate styles and BTUs in our first “What’s the Feature?” Grills post. In our second installment, hhgregg small appliance buyer and expert, James Terry, highlights casters and grill burners as you consider your next grill upgrade.

Grill casterscaster icon

Grill casters are the wheels located on the bottom of most grills, designed for those who want to bring their grill indoors between uses. The type of caster on your grill varies with the feature sets. For example, an entry-level or less expensive grill will likely have plastic wheels, employing a two-wheel axle on one side and legs on the other for stability.

Larger and more expensive outdoor cooking grills have true casters, some on all four corners, which offer ease of movement but can be challenging to navigate on uneven surfaces like gravel or grass. Some grill models also offer a convenient feature that locks the casters in place for use.

Grill burnersgas burner flame icon

Grill burners are the heart of a gas grill. In the simplest terms, this is what delivers the heat to the cook box that cooks the meals. Not all burners are created equal, however. Each one is designed with a series of holes that the gas flows through and allows the flames to evenly heat the grill.

The shape and size of a burner are based on the size of the grill and the engineering of that specific grill. Additionally, the size and amount of burners on a grill is based on the size of the cook box. The larger the cook box, the bigger and/or more burners are required to do the job.

In terms of gas flow and durability, some burners have a dual tube. Featured on most Broil King grills, a dual tube is almost like a burner within a burner.

Now that you know the key features for your next grill, visit our repository for even more grilling tips, recipes and inspiration this summer. If it’s time to upgrade to a new grill, browse hhgregg’s large selection of outdoor grills to find the perfect match.

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