Grill Master Essentials & Expert Tips

29 Jun, 2015

grilling tipsMastering the grill doesn’t have to be daunting with the right essentials and tips from our expert, James Terry. To help you become a grill master this summer, read on to learn the must-have essentials, important grilling tips and the best advanced grills to make your grilling adventures fun, safe and tasty.

Becoming a grill master

If you’re looking to become a grill master, it takes trial and error and a lot of patience. Above all else, have fun! Use the grill as your blank canvas. Many unique and delicious things have been born using a creative mind and a good grill. Some tips to consider:

  • Make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly. Meat thermometers will help you determine when you have safely cooked meats completely through (seafood and poultry in particular).
  • Control your flame. Keeping heat distribution even will make the job easier. Flame-ups can scorch and ruin a meal quickly, not to mention become a safety hazard.
  • Keep your grill clean. Cleaning your grill between uses will extend the life of your grill and will keep your burgers on Saturday from having that hint of the salmon from Thursday.

If you want to try new things, take advantage of the Internet. There are all sorts of recipes out there that are grill-focused. Grill manufacturers offer a variety of recipes as well.

The best grills to try

When shopping for that perfect grill as a budding grill master, consider your needs and what you want to achieve. There are grills for every taste and lifestyle out there. Here are three great choices to consider:

  • Char-Broil Charcoal/Gas Hybrid – It’s known as the Hybrid grill because it can be used as a charcoal or gas grill. Simply remove the burner tents, cover the burners with the charcoal tray and use the burners to get the charcoal going.
  • Broil King Baron 440 Gas Grill – This burner grill with a side burner is perfect for a family or whenever you need four burners. Dual tube burners offer even heat distribution and sturdy construction, ensuring a long life.
  • Weber Genesis® E310™ – Another great all-around unit, this three-burner grill offers porcelain-coated grates for great sear marks and heat retention.

Five advanced grilling essentials

Whether you’re new to grilling and want the best tools to get started, or a seasoned pro looking for new tricks to spice it up this summer, these accessories will make your experience easier and tastier:

  1. Pizza kit – Making your pizza on the grill gives a twist to the old family favorite. It’s a great addition to the party when entertaining. Check out Broil King’s Pizza Kit, which offers a stainless steel cradle with an integrated thermometer as well as a wooden pizza peel.
  2. Rib rack – A great way to cook ribs, the rack helps you keep the ribs in place for even cooking and coating with sauce. A must for the rib aficionado.
  3. Pork claws – Is barbecue your thing? Use these claws to shred the pork once it is cooked for pulled pork. They work on poultry, briskets and beef roasts, too!
  4. Wok – A wok is a great way to grill mixed vegetables or other small items to keep them contained while you prepare them.
  5. Basket with handle – This basket is a great way to cook “fragile” things like fish with confidence that you will not tear it apart while flipping it with a turner on the grill. You could also add elements to your creation, like lemon slices on the fish or fresh spices on the chicken.

Discover even more grilling tips and tricks to become the ultimate grill master this summer. Happy grilling!

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