Find Your New Grillfriend

03 Jun, 2015

find your new grillfriend
Whether your grillfriend is old, embarrassing, smelly, or won’t turn on, it might be time to ditch them for a newer model. Check out a few of our grillfriend videos below to see why you may need to find a new grill for the summer.

If your grillfriend smells…

Or can’t turn on

Or embarrasses you

It’s time to let your grillfriend go

If you’re ready to let your grillfriend go, stop by hhgregg or visit From gas models to charcoal options and even hybrids, hhgregg offers a large selection of grills to complete your summer cookouts!

Don’t forget to check out our grilling resource center to learn everything from the top grilling essentials to grill master tips and tricks.

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