2016 Grilling Trends

19 May, 2016

grilling outsidehhgregg’s James Terry, a buyer for small kitchen appliances and grills, shares his expert opinion on this year’s top grilling trends.

As Americans continue to spend more time at home to entertain with friends and family, both indoor and outdoor cooking have seen a resurgence – and grilling is no exception! Every year, more and more homes feature multiple outdoor grills and smokers for a variety of cooking, proving that grilling continues to be a growing trend. Whether you’re a grilling novice or master, keep reading to discover the preferred types of grills and accessories for 2016.

Grilling Styles

Which grilling styles are the “hottest” this year? Gas is still the most popular grilling style, but charcoal is very much a fan favorite for the diehard traditionalists who enjoy that signature smoky flavor. The third-popular type is the electric grill – perfect if you’re unable to use gas or an open flame at your home (i.e., apartments or certain residential areas).

Still unsure which type is right for you? Many grill owners are warming up to Char-Broil’s Hybrid Grill – which can be used as both a charcoal or gas grill – because of its versatility and ease of use. Get an even closer look at these grill types to learn which is best for your lifestyle and skill level.

Grill Accessories

A grill master is not complete without grill accessories, and they continue to be an integral part of the grilling experience. You can’t go wrong with a good tool set and a grill cover to protect your investment. If you’re looking to switch up your grilling menu this summer, consider trying out the always-popular kits and woks available at hhgregg.

Now that you know what’s the latest in grilling, it’s time to get cooking. Start with learning the best grilling essentials for beginners, and stay tuned for more expert grilling posts this summer.

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