Healthy Holiday Gifts: Juicers

25 Nov, 2014

Juicers as Holiday Gifts
hhgregg’s James Terry, a buyer for small kitchen appliances, shares his expert opinion on one of this season’s best health-related gifts for the kitchen: the juicer.

By James Terry, Small Kitchen Appliance Buyer and Guest Contributor

America has become a more health-conscious nation. People are eating less processed and fast foods and looking to more natural alternatives in their diet. One of the ways people can get this kind of nutrition is through juicing, making juicers an excellent holiday gift for the health conscious. Juicing is a kind of nebulous term that can mean anything from squeezing the juice from an orange to drink or even creating nut butters.

There are two different types of juicing equipment available: Juicers and Juice Extractors. The difference is simply the way juice is extracted. A juice extractor offers a wider range of methods to do different things:

  • Centrifugal – Extracts juice using a spinning blade while ejecting pulp into a waste receptacle. Centrifugal juicers are usually efficient enough at extracting juice that the pulp often comes out mostly dry.
  • Masticating – This process uses a lower speed motor that slowly chews and grinds fruits and vegetable and even nuts. The low speed reduces friction which causes heat and can degrade the nutritional properties. Masticating juicers can often be used for juice extraction but also for creating things like nut butters, even extruding pastas.
  • Vertical – A vertical masticating juicer uses the same low speed grinding action as a regular masticating juicer but in a vertical fashion as opposed to a horizontal fashion.

The best way to determine what juicer is right for you is to decide what kind of “juicing” you want to do. Then do your research. If you are buying juicers as healthy holiday gifts, think about how the recipients might like to use them. And remember, there is something out there for everyone!

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