Holiday Hacks

17 Dec, 2015

family preparing food for holiday dinner
Hosting your first big holiday get-together and starting to feel a little intimidated? Or maybe you’re a polished pro looking to brush up on some new holiday entertaining tips. Whatever your comfort level as the host or hostess, you can always benefit from learning a few new tricks to make things run a little smoother. Follow these entertaining and kitchen hacks from hhgregg for your next holiday party – big or small!

Cooking hacks

Pulling off a holiday meal is part skill, part luck, part art and part magic. The good news is that many kitchen appliances and simple hacks exist to help you pull this off!

One of the biggest challenges is trying to cook so many dishes at the same time. Making dishes ahead of time can work, but they often don’t taste as good after sitting on the counter for too long or reheated.

Solve the problem of multiple dish apprehension:

Another challenge for the host and hostess is coordinating all the dessert items:

  • High end solution: A stand mixer. You can do so much with this amazing appliance (example: learn how to make whipped cream with a stand mixer). Not only can you mix and beat, you can knead dough (think delicious homemade biscuits), make pasta, stuff sausage, puree vegetables and more for your non-dessert items.
  • Economic Hack: If you only need your mixer to make basic desserts (there’s no shame in using boxed brownie mix!), a hand mixer should suffice. An even better economic hack? Assign the dessert-making to friends and family who offer to bring dishes!

Serving hack

Once you’ve mastered making Pinterest-worthy dishes, you’ll want to think about how they’ll be served. Beyond the centerpieces, napkin rings and place settings, you’ll need to consider food presentation.

How can you keep dishes warm as you are finishing up the last minute touches?

  • High end solution: Use a side table with buffet food warmers called chafers. Your guests can serve themselves and the food will be kept warm for when they return for seconds.
  • Economic Hack: Keep food in a cooler (without ice!) to trap in the heat. Then transport the serving bowls to the table when everything is ready. Who knew that a cooler was good for more than your camping trips and keeping adult beverages nice and cold?

Music hack

It can’t be a party without music. Whether you prefer Bing Crosby Christmas classics or Taylor Swift covers, you’ll want the perfect volume level so guests can hear the tunes but still maintain pleasant conversation.

  • High end solution: Sync your iTunes right to your speaker with the Bose SoundLink® Bluetooth® Mobile Speaker III. You’ll get fullness, depth and clarity that creates a smooth sound for all to enjoy.
  • Economic Hack: Lacking nice speakers? That’s okay. Grab a serving bowl from the kitchen and place your phone or MP3 player inside. The bowl projects the sound from your music player and amplifies it around the room.

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Use these holiday entertaining tips from hhgregg for your next party (for more tips, check out our holiday dinner timeline infographic).

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