HOME IMPROVEMENT SERIES: Affordable Home Decorating Ideas to Try this Spring

07 Mar, 2014

Paint roller

With spring right around the corner, you may be ready to give your home a little refresh for the new season. If you’re looking to try a few simple updates to make a big statement, keep reading to see our list of seven affordable home decorating ideas – no major construction needed!

1. Paint an accent wall.

Instead of re-painting an entire room, pick one wall as the focus and paint it in a bold color. It will add interest without being too overpowering.

2. Make a frame collage.

Buy a variety of frames in different textures and sizes (or gather unused frames from around the house), add pictures, and then hang them in a cluster at different levels to create a unique art piece. Just make sure they are spaced evenly apart to make your frame collage look intentional.

3. Add a chalkboard.

Especially for households with children, painting items with chalkboard paint is a fun way to add a personal touch. Pick a wall or cupboard, and paint it with chalkboard paint following the product’s instructions. Once the paint dries, you can use chalk to write on it as if it were a chalkboard. Use it for a grocery list, tonight’s menu, to-dos, Tic-tac-toe, or doodles.

4. Swap your shower curtain.

Instead of remodeling your bathroom, change the vibe instantly by hanging a new shower curtain. Get matching towels to go with the new color theme, and voila!

5. Accessorize with reading materials.

Don’t hide all of your books on a book shelf. Grab a few of your favorites and stack them together on a coffee table – put the largest ones one the bottom. It adds a homey touch and can be a great conversation starter for guests.

6. Paint a piece of furniture.

Have an old dresser or desk that looks worse for wear? Paint it a unique color that will complement the room it’s in. For example, if your room has mostly beige and brown tones, a light turquoise paint will add a complementary pop of color to the space.

7. Add new hardware.

Rather than replacing kitchen cupboards and cabinets, simply change the hardware. Buy new knobs and handles, and swap them out with your old ones for a quick, affordable refresh.

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