Create the Ultimate Home Theater!

23 Oct, 2014

Family watching a movie

Looking forward to cozying up for some movie nights this fall? We’re here to help you create the ultimate home theater – no matter how much room you have available in your home! Use these home theater ideas to set up a space that’s perfect for hosting movie nights or game-watching parties.

1. Watch flicks on the big screen with a projector or an 80-inch TV.

Make sure your home theater has a big screen that’s easy for all guests to see! You can either purchase a projector and projector screen for a traditional theater experience, or consider taking things up a notch with a big-screen TV. Browse hhgregg’s selection of 60-inch and larger TVs to find the right option for your home theater.

2. Hang heavy curtains to block outside light and help with acoustics.

Reduce screen glare and make your home theater feel more authentic by hanging heavy curtains over any windows to keep the room dark – this also will help improve acoustics. You can even hang a large curtain across a wall to further improve the sound quality and add to the cozy, theater-like feel.

3. Invest in a high-quality sound system.

Complete your theater with a state-of-the-art sound system. Even if you’re on a budget for the TV and curtains, a home theater sound system is one of the best items to splurge on. Go for surround sound for a true at-the-movies experience. Limited on space? Consider a soundbar, which can pack a lot of powerful sound into a streamlined speaker and subwoofer. Watch our video below for more information on which home theater system is right for you!

4. Add comfy, plush seating for optimal viewing and sound absorption.

Create a comfortable space by adding plush chairs or couches to your new home theater room. The type of furniture you add is up to you – and will likely depend on how much space you have available. Keep in mind that plush materials will help with sound absorption. You can check out hhgregg’s furniture selection for some ideas at prices you’ll love.

5. Don’t forget the recessed, dimmable lighting!

Lastly, you’ll want the lighting to be authentic. Consider installing recessed, dimmable lighting so you can adjust the brightness of the room – whether you want it brighter for social events or darker for a family movie night.

Are you DIY-ing a home theater room? Here’s a bonus tip: Create your own at-home concession boxes for candy, popcorn and fake movie tickets!

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