Why Homegating Is Often Superior To Watching At The Stadium

08 Sep, 2015


Going to live football games provides fans several unique experiences that one isn’t going to find elsewhere. There’s the thrill of being at the stadium. There’s the exhilaration that comes with being in a huge environment surrounded by roaring like-minded people. There’s the chance that one will witness something truly amazing. However, there are some aspects of the live-viewing experience that are simply not as great as the homegating experience. A recent survey by hhgregg found that people overwhelmingly preferred homegating to tailgating with 70% of respondents stating that they would rather homegate than tailgate. Here’s a few reasons why homegating is often much more enjoyable than tailgating at the stadium.

1. It’s More Convenient

The best thing about homegating is that one has everything that they’ll need to throw a great homegate at their house. There’s no need to coordinate a bunch of ticket purchases between friends or worry about the transportation of everyone and their food. Everything can be done from the comfort of one’s own home which definitely takes a bit of stress off one’s weekend.

2. It’s More Fun for Everyone

Tailgating may be enjoyable because one can grill up some great food and then watch the game from the stadium but the homegating experience is simply more inclusive. There’s more to do than sit in a stadium seat or lounge shutterstock_80778205around in parking lot. Have some friends who live, eat and breathe football? Awesome, that’s what homegating is for! Have other friends or family who don’t follow sports as closely? Great, homegating provides people plenty of opportunities to talk, play games and simply enjoy each other’s company in a way that is often better than trying to shout at someone from across an aisle. (An added bonus is that you’re much less likely to run into any, well, “belligerent” football fans at your homegate)

3. It’s a Better Football Watching Experience

Although this view is still inexplicably sacrilegious to some, football may be the best sports to watch from the comforts of one’s home. Unless you’re an up-and-coming football coach, watching the game at the stadium is not nearly as interesting as watching it at home. Ironically, viewing a game from the stands doesn’t convey the action happening on the field nearly as well as the televised experience. The tackles don’t look nearly as hard, the speed of the receivers don’t seem nearly as quick and the stops in action are much more pronounced without the in-game graphics and replays that are now football staples.

4. It’s More Cost Effective

The cost of throwing a homegating party at your house is basically the cost of food, drinks and (if necessary) whatever television packages one needs to watch the game. That pales in comparison to what it often costs to tailgate, where one needs to factor in gas, the price of parking, and in many cases, the cost of football tickets as well. And all of those extra costs are going towards an experience that isn’t as enjoyable as the one that you can have from home. Add in the fact that TVs just keep getting sharper, sound systems keep getting clearer and the ease with which homegating makes it easy to bond with friends and family and it’s pretty reasonable to see why 70% of people prefer homegating to tailgating.

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