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15 Sep, 2016


Pizza and football go hand-in-hand.  There’s no better food to enjoy while watching your favorite teams play than a piping hot pie right out of the oven. However, ordering from the same old place and having it delivered cold can get a little old and put a damper on your Homegating experience.  That’s why we’re serving up 15 Thursday Night Football inspired homemade pizza recipes to enjoy in your pizza maker from hhgregg.


2016 Thursday Night Football Schedule

Sept 15th – New York vs. Buffalo
Buffalo Chicken PizzaWhen the home of Buffalo Wings is on the schedule, you have no choice but to pay tribute.

Sept 22 – Houston vs. New England
White Clam PizzaGet a taste of New England area, with all the goodness of Clam Chowder on a pizza!

Sept 29 – Miami vs. Cincinnati
Cincinnati Style Chili Pizza – Five-way, three-way, your way… who’d have thought of putting chili on a pizza. We did.

Oct 6 – Arizona vs. San Francisco
Taco PizzaEnjoy the Tex Mex flavors of the southwest with this tasty dish.

Oct 13 – Denver vs. San Diego
California Style PizzaWe thought about a Mile-High deep dish pizza, but that would put you to sleep by halftime. So instead, enjoy a healthier California inspired option.

Oct 20 – Chicago vs. Green Bay
Beer Cheese Bacon Pizza – This great rivalry needs a pizza that embraces the fans of both teams.  This may be the most “football” themed pizza on the schedule.

Oct 27 – Jacksonville vs. Tennessee
BBQ Chicken PizzaNashville is the home of some good southern style BBQ, so it was only natural to serve it up here.

Nov 3 – Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay
Crab PizzaGet your seafood fix with this deep south inspired dish.

Nov 10 – Cleveland vs. Baltimore
Sausage PizzaThis blue-collar recipe will have you ready for a hard hitting battle between two industrious cities ready to duke it out on the field.

Nov 17 – New Orleans vs. Carolina
Shrimp Po’ Boy PizzaBoth cities offer up a lot of options for culinary inspiration, but the Po’ Boy was our choice to capture a Cajun cuisine.

Nov 24 – Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh
Thanksgiving Leftover PizzaGrab the leftovers from the fridge and turn them into something completely new that will get your hungry again.

Dec 1 – Dallas vs. Minnesota
Steak & Blue Cheese PizzaSteak good.  Pizza great. Steak pizza, amazing!

Dec 8 – Oakland vs. Kansas City
Pulled Pork BBQ PizzaYou can’t say Kansas City without thinking BBQ.  This one was a natural.

Dec 15 – Los Angeles vs. Seattle
Spinach Artichoke PizzaThis west coast battle screamed for a lighter option on the menu… and yet it still looks amazingly delicious.

Dec 22 – New York vs. Philadelphia
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza – There may be no food more synonymous with a a city than Philly and their famous Cheese Steak sandwiches. We had to.

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