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08 Sep, 2015

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Throughout modern history, it’s always been thought that when it came to big events, “being there” was better than watching from home.  Well, with the rise in popularity of “Homegating,” we wondered if that was still true, or if the phenomenon of watching from home had truly taken over.  We surveyed* the public to see what they had to say on a number of topics:

  1. Would you rather attend a tailgate or a gathering with friends to watch football and enjoy food and drink, i.e. “Homegating”
    1. Tailgate       (30%)
    2. Homegate  (70%)

Over 2/3 of people would prefer to gather with friends at home to watch football.  Looks like big screen TVs and comfortable sofas win out over cold weather, long lines, high ticket prices and no way to check your fantasy scores!

  1. To most enjoy the upcoming football season, what would you rather spend your money on?
    1. A new TV with the latest technology       (61%)
    2. Two tickets to a homegame + tailgate       (39%)

Football is still king when it comes to sporting events, but more and more people are choosing to spend the money that used to go to season tickets on upgrading their “Fan Caves,” so they can enjoy multiple games from the comfort of their own homes. 

  1. How often do you “Homegate” over the course of a season?
    1. 0 times         (29%)
    2. 1-3 times    (46%)
    3. 4-6 times     (14%)
    4. 7-10 times   (4%)
    5. 10+ times    (7%)

Almost half of the people surveyed spend a quarter of the season entertaining people at their homes for football games.  People still want to be with friends to watch football, they’re just moving the party from the stadium parking lot to the living room.

  1. Which commentator would you most want at your homegate to provide those unique in-game insights?
    1. Jon Gruden    (19%)
    2. Troy Aikman   (21%)
    3. My Dad            (36%)
    4. Mike Ditka       (24%)

In a close race, Dad is still the commentator most viewers would rather listen to spout off about football facts and game day strategy.  The best part is, he doesn’t take commercial breaks!

  1. Which celebrity would you most want to share your chips and salsa with at a homegate?
    1. Beyonce                  (16%)
    2. Donald Trump        (14%)
    3. Giselle Bundchen  (13%)
    4. Will Ferrell              (57%)

This one wasn’t even close.  When making a guest list for their “homegating” party, most Americans would rather have funnyman, Will Ferrell, attend over the model, the mogul or the musician.

  1. What item would you most want to upgrade your homegate?
    1. A grill to heat the burgers & brats                (30%)
    2. A TV with the latest technology                 (43%)
    3. A refrigerator to keep the beverages cold  (19%)
    4. A juicer to mix those drinks                            (8%)

It takes a lot to build the perfect homegating party, but according to those surveyed, having an awesome TV to watch the game is the most important aspect.  More shocking is that almost 10% thought having healthy juice was what really made a party great.

  1. What do you do at halftime when you’re homegating?
    1. Replicate a sports bar and pump up the music   (29%)
    2. Mute the TV and talk politics                                    (15%)
    3. Check my social media channels                        (33%)
    4. Go toss the football in the backyard                       (23%)

Other than players, nobody likes halftime.  But when it comes to how to spend those 20 minutes of dead time, most folks prefer to check their social media than to do something active.  (We’re guessing even more spend it looking at fantasy football scores!)

  1. Which pro football legend most closely resembles your homegate?
    1. “Broadway Joe” Namath: Flashy                               (26%)
    2. William “The Fridge” Perry: The food!                   (45%)
    3. “Mean” Joe Greene: Watch the game, no talking   (29%)

For those throwing parties, “The Fridge” is the football legend that most represents their get together.  Football is the reason for the party, but the FOOD is the reason people keep coming back for more.   It looks like we picked the right guy to be the Commissioner of our Ultimate Fan Cave Draft!

If you’re one of those who are already enjoying the “homegating” experience or are looking to start, check out our Ultimate Fan Cave page and see what awesome products The Fridge has picked to help you start building the fantasy room of your football dreams!

*Poll Numbers:
We surveyed 1,072 general population people in an online Google Survey
Note: Answers by gender netted out 57% men and 43% women

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