How To Organize Your Family TV Room

27 Feb, 2013


No matter where you look these days, people have images of their family room with their perfect TV size and placement of furniture. How do you get that look?

Here are some tips to get your family room looking like a professional decorated space.

  • Don’t place the TV near anything reflective (for example, mirrors or windows)
  • Hang your TV at eye-level – to achieve this sit on your couch or where you would normally view the TV and stare at the place on the wall in which you find viewing the most comfortable.
  • A TV no matter how big or small should not be the focal point of the room, it should be an accent. This is why it is important to get the right size TV for your room and space. Before you go out to purchase a TV, pick out the placement of where you would like the TV to be, use that space as your tool to decide which TV size would be the best for your living space.
  • Is the TV an HDTV? You can sit closer than your old TV. Here are some suggested spaces between your TV and seating: 46” TV = 6-10ft, 65” TV = 8-13ft, and a 70” TV = 9-15ft.
  • Have other things on the wall where you would like to hang your TV? It is suggested to have around 6” of space all the way around between the TV and other objects.
  • Use your family room furniture to create zones. Rooms are found to be more cozy when the furniture is situated in a cube formation, boxing in the space of the room where you would like people to be.
  • Always use colors to brighten up the room and make it more inviting. Maybe you should get the red couch instead of the black. (We offer many colors!)
  • Put window coverings on windows to reduce glare on the TV. If you have a very bright room, it is suggested to go with a plasma TV as they help reduce glare.
  • Make sure to have a proper media center to store DVD’s, cable boxes and more. No one wants to see your media and cords going every which way, make sure to purchase proper storage for these items.

We hope our tips will lead you in the right direction to create a successful family room!

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