How To Remove Stains From Placemats

27 May, 2013


Your child’s coloring masterpiece can create a mess, so make sure you are prepared. Here are the best tips from the Institute of Home Science to get stains out of your placemats.

  • Start by wiping away as much of the stain-causing substance as possible, taking care not to push the stain further into the fibers of the fabric.
  • Rinse the garment with cool water to dilute the stain.
  • Soak the garment in a solution of cool water and detergent for up to 30 minutes, or longer if needed.
  • Squeeze out the excess water
  • Wash in the warmest water safe for the garment while utilizing the Maytag PowerWash™ Cycle A bit of liquid detergent rubbed into the stain prior to washing, or the use of a pretreatment or color safe bleach could help with removal.
  • Check the garment at the end of the cycle to be sure the stain is removed before drying.
  • Repeat the procedure if necessary before you place the garment in the dryer.

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