How to Spend Your Tax Refund

18 Feb, 2016

tax refund ideas

It’s tax season, and with that brings the potential joy of getting a refund. If you are one of the lucky recipients getting a little cash back from Uncle Sam, hhgregg has some tax refund ideas below on how you can spend your newfound wealth.

Take a trip

Go somewhere fun with your best friend, your significant other or your family. If you received a large refund, maybe you’ll have enough to fly somewhere. Just a small refund this year? Even a quick overnight trip to the nearest big city – complete with a nice meal and drinks – is a welcomed adventure.

Save it

While you might have an image of doing some serious tax refund shopping, before you hit the mall, you may want to consider putting the money away for later. Stash the money in your savings account to build your “rainy day” fund. Or, put a little extra into your retirement account and let that money build interest for you to enjoy later in life.

Remodel or redecorate

Been meaning to remodel an older bathroom? Desperately want that double oven with all the bells and whistles? Your tax refund may be the solution. Depending on the size of your refund, you may be able to tackle an entire home project that’s been on your list, or you may find that you have the funds to update appliances and furniture. Whatever vision you have in mind for your home, shop around for tax refund sales to ensure you receive the best deals!

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