Seven Free iOS Apps to Download

25 Feb, 2014

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Whether you want to increase your productivity, manage your finances, plan a road trip or figure out the name of that song playing on the radio, these iOS apps have you covered. The best part? They’re all free! Read on to discover which apps you’ll want to download.

1. EasilyDo Smart Assistant

Get a free personal assistant with the EasilyDo Smart Assistant app. This do-it-all personal organizer keeps track of birthdays (it even sends birthday messages or gifts for you!), adds new contacts to your phone, gives you traffic and weather updates, provides directions, sets reminders for bills and more.

2. Mint

Stay on top of your finances with’s free app. Monitor all of your financial accounts (checking and savings accounts, credit card balances, investment and retirement accounts) at once, create monthly budgets and track your spend in different categories. You can also set up alerts to remind you to pay bills and credit card statements.

3. My Fitness Pal

Tracking your food and exercise is easy and free with the iOS app from My Fitness Pal. Log what you eat to your food diary by simply searching for your food item or meal – the app has over 3 million foods in its database – and track your calories burned in the gym. Plus, this app lets you connect with friends so you can motivate each other and see their progress.

4. Road Ninja

The ultimate road-trip companion, Road Ninja will tell you the location of restaurants, gas stations and pharmacies located along your route. Check gas prices to find the best deals, plan your road trip route with Google Maps integrated within the app, and discover new places to visit on the way to your destination.

5. Yelp

Download the Yelp app to find local businesses, restaurants, cafes, bars and more. Yelp lets you read reviews from other Yelp members, see photos and menus, and even make OpenTable reservations within the app.

6. Shazam

Hear a song on the radio or in a store that you just have to download? Find out its name and artist by simply pressing the “Shazam” button and waiting as little as one second for the app to identify it. Shazam also gives you the option to download newfound jams on iTunes or listen on Spotify – you can even find upcoming concert dates for artists you have tagged.

7. QuizUp

Take a break from word scramble games to try the online trivia app, QuizUp. Choose from 365 topics to challenge your friends and other app users. Whether you love history, sports, movies or business, QuizUp has a topic to meet your interests and test your knowledge.

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