We Help Wednesday: Best Items To Buy In January

16 Jan, 2013

It’s January, the first month of the year and everyone is trying to plan out their yearly budgets. Well we’ve got good news. According to market news, January is the best month for consumers to purchase many items we carry! The following four categories are what financial experts suggest buying in January:

1. Appliances: New appliances normally launch in the spring, therefore causing us to move old stock to make room for new models! What does that mean for you? Discounted pricing on great appliances to outfit your kitchen or laundry room!

2. Workout equipment: With everyone making those new year resolutions to lose weight or be healthier in the new year, we are marking down fitness equipment to help you meet your goals! There is not a better time to jump on the creation of the home gym and keep your resolution alive.

3. Furniture: We have new furniture coming in the next two months and again we have to sell off the current models to replace it with the new. This means a great deal for you to refurnish the TV room with high quality pieces on a budget!

4. Video games and game consoles: New games and consoles are coming out in 2013, so in the meantime, check out our selection of video game systems.

Moral? Get shopping! Don’t let this month pass you by if you are in the market for anything in these categories!

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