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09 Dec, 2014

Tablets and laptops

Tablets vs. laptops: Which type of computer is best for you? With the holidays around the corner, you may be wondering whether to buy a laptop or tablet as a present for family members, friends…or yourself! We have interviewed two electronics experts at hhgregg to get the scoop on these hot devices.


Expert answers provided by Brandon Linn, hhgregg Buyer, Tablets, Tablet Accessories, Streaming Media Devices, MP3, Video Games

How popular are tablets this season?
Boom has slowed due the overwhelming amount of customers who already have a tablet, but they are still a very popular solution for anyone who needs or wants to consume content (email, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, web, music, movies, photos) in multiple environments (on the go, work, home, etc.).

What are the most notable features to consider?
Notable features between tablets include screen size, embedded LTE vs. WiFi and storage capacity, to name a few. Tablets also differ across brand – the Apple iPad includes an iOS operating system, Windows tablets operate on Windows 8, and Android tablets feature an Android operating system.

What is the benefit of purchasing a tablet vs. a computer or laptop?
Tablets are typically lighter, more portable and have longer battery life than computers and laptops. There are also some neat 2-in-1s in the market now that combine the best of both worlds (for example, the HP Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop Tablet).

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Expert answers provided by Rich Carroll, hhgregg Buyer, Computer Hardware and Peripherals

Why buy a laptop instead of a tablet?
Laptops enable you to access the Internet and keep up with your email, like a tablet, but are also capable of allowing you to be more productive and more efficient. A tablet is basically used for consumption, while a laptop is far more effective in creation.

What are the new features of the laptops that we haven’t seen in 2014?

  • Windows 10 Operating System.
  • The new generation of ultra-small processors from Intel will allow the thinnest and lightest laptops and hybrids ever – while providing comparable processing power to current models.
  • More hybrid devices.
  • More advanced integrated cameras, including 3D cameras on some models.

What are the benefits of purchasing a detachable or 2-in-1 laptop tablet?
Depending on your need, you can have the compact size and portability of a tablet or the productivity of a full-fledged notebook.

How much does price level affect what features are available for laptops?
As in any product, more features (and more advanced features) will always come with higher prices. The lowest-priced laptops generally use basic processors, have relatively small (500GB) hard drives and 2GB of memory. As you go up in price, you’ll get more advanced processors (for example, Intel Core processor or AMD A6, A8 and better), larger hard drives (up to 1TB) and more system memory (8GB on many models). Additionally, at higher price points, you can find models with more advanced graphics capabilities and higher resolution screens.

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