The LG Black Stainless Steel Series

13 Aug, 2015

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Introducing the LG Black Stainless Steel Series

With a new satin-smooth black stainless steel finish, the LG Black Stainless Steel Series lets you express yourself in ways you never imagined, giving you a stylish new world of arresting design options, for a kitchen unlike any other. Whether you prefer dark rich tones or light, bright inviting spaces, the look and feel of the LG Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Suite is so versatile that it will look great with a vast array of kitchen styles.

This new black stainless steel finish also boasts a protective coating which makes every appliance fingerprint and smudge resistant.  One wipe with a dry cloth is all you need to bring back the original shine!

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No more scrubbing or harsh chemical cleaners. Clean your oven in just minutes with the push of a button. LG brings you the new generation of oven cleaning with EasyClean®.

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Tired of pre-washing your dishes before loading them into the washer?  LG’s TrueSteam® technology delivers a revolutionary cleaning performance so now you don’t have to.

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