Maytag Salutes: Amy Hendrix

04 May, 2014

Amy Hendrix


Amy Hendrix


Marietta, Georgia

Why We’re Saluting Amy

Amy embodies the everyday American hero through her generous volunteer work for a local homeless shelter. Among the various jobs she helps out with, most of her work consists of facilitating a back to work class. She also has play dates for parents who are in need of a break or have something come up and need help with childcare, allowing parents to bring their children to play with her daughter while they are away.

When asked about giving back to the community, Amy explains, “To me, giving back to the community means doing whatever you can to help those around you. I feel that it is our duty to use our time and talents to help others whenever possible. This could be something as simple as helping load their groceries or change a flat tire. I feel that doing good for those around you makes the world a better place.”

As a child, Amy’s family encouraged her to do volunteer work. While she didn’t always understand it at the time, it left a lasting impression on her. Today, to keep the spirit of giving back to the community thriving in her family, Amy tries to pass on the importance of volunteering to her daughter so she can do her part in making the world a better place – just like her mother.

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