Maytag Salutes: Angela Clark

20 May, 2014

Angela Clark


Angela Clark


Indianapolis, Indiana

Why We’re Saluting Angela:

Angela has always tried to bring special programs to the schools where she has taught. While teaching at Craig Middle School, she was involved in bringing the Colts Fitness Camp program to the eighth grade students for a number of years. While at Crestview Elementary, Angela saw an opportunity to get the students active in the NFL Play 60 movement. This included submitting a class exercise log for a chance to win the NFL Play 60 Super Bowl Challenge (only one school is awarded the Grand Prize). When one of the sixth grade classes won, the students and staff had the experience of a lifetime during the week of the Big Game.

Angela currently teaches at Lawrence North High School and she loves giving her students the ability to learn by doing hands-on activities. She explains, “They are given the opportunity to give back to the community by reading to elementary students. Health students create storybooks that teach a lesson about drug safety. Students are engaged and look forward to sharing what they have created with younger students.”

When asked about giving back to her community, Angela explains, “Every teacher works to serve the community each and every day by simply CARING! Teachers want to see students turn into healthy, productive adults. Some days it may be hard, but in the end it just takes one student ‘getting it’ and it makes it all worth it. That is why serving the community is important to me – ‘Children Are Our Future.’”

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