Maytag Salutes: Chris and Dorothy Rolle

23 May, 2014

Chris and Dororthy Rolle


Chris and Dorothy Rolle


Chattanooga, Tennessee

Why We’re Saluting Chris and Dorothy:

Chris and Dorothy Rolle believe in enriching the lives of the children in their community through food and love. Every weekday (and on some weekends), they feed between 40-50 children a healthy breakfast before they attend school. They also provide afternoon snacks to 20-25 children after school. Chris and Dorothy always make sure to give the children healthy food choices.

Their mission is simple, yet powerful: to care, nourish, empower and enrich the lives of young people. Every day, they write a word on the board, like “love,” “courage” or “hope.” The children are taught to respect themselves, adults and their community.

Chris and Dorothy explain, “We empower them daily by reminding them that they can arise from their circumstances to develop their maximum potential, and believe the cycle of poverty and hopelessness can be broken.”

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