Maytag Salutes: Deborah Nix

11 May, 2014

Deborah Nix


Deborah Nix


Montgomery, Alabama

Why We’re Saluting Deborah:

Deborah has taught at a small Catholic school for more than 30 years. She has taught many grades, from kindergarten to eighth grade, and is now the art teacher. Her passion is to make sure that every child can be successful in their creativity. Whether pouring molds, working free-handed with clay, painting, or sketching, Deborah brings out the artist in each student.

Her dedication to the school doesn’t end in the classroom. Deborah also reaches out to the families and invites them to volunteer weekly in the art classes. She fosters a sense of community by hosting regular “Family Art Nights” where parents, siblings, and grandparents can come to share a meal and work together on an art project.

Deborah Nix is also a wonderful role model for the children. Through example, she teaches them the benefits of reaching out to others in service. By organizing a school-wide collection of pop-tops, Deborah helps the students to support the Ronald McDonald House charity.

When asked why she gives back to the community she said, “Families share their children with our teachers and staff every day. It is an awesome feeling to be able to do something to show parents that we appreciate them sending their students to us. It is important to let moms and dads know how much it means to us that we get to work with their children.”

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