Maytag Salutes: Ike Cheeseman

30 May, 2014

Baseball field


Ike Cheeseman


West Point, Indiana

Why We’re Saluting Ike:

Ike Cheeseman, President of Southwestern Summer Recreation, has donated countless hours fixing up older baseball and softball fields for hundreds of kids in the West Point, Indiana area. He was part of the same recreation league as a kid and now his children are also part of it. When a tornado recently took out the field that these children usually use for summer recreation, he took it upon himself to replace the field, recruiting others to help him bring an integral summer spot back to the community. Ike’s tireless work assured that these kids would have a wonderful summer of baseball and other pastimes.

In addition to helping the young people of his community, Ike has been a volunteer firefighter for the West Point Volunteer Fire Department for more than 15 years. Volunteering also runs in the family—Ike’s dad is also a volunteer firefighter. He says, “I grew up around it and once you grew up around it, you know the people in your community that you’re helping.” He wants his kids to follow in the family’s footsteps by becoming third-generation volunteers. He says, “It’s all about helping others – putting them ahead of me. I have a drive inside of me to help other people. A lot of it is people not knowing who’s doing it.”

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