Maytag Salutes: Ivan Stoltzfus

29 May, 2014

Ivan Stoltzfus


Ivan Stoltzfus


York, Pennsylvania

Why We’re Saluting Ivan:

In April of 2014, Ivan Stoltzfus embarked on a “trip of a lifetime.” He traveled coast to coast across the United States, on a two cylinder John Deere Tractor. His mission? To raise awareness and funds for the Wound Warriors Project.

Ivan’s journey actually began as a young boy when he listened to his own father tell stories of traveling across the United States. In 1937 his father worked his way from the East Coast to the West Coast for a year, working on farms, driving on dirt roads, and crossing the Mississippi River on a swinging wooded bridge. Ivan was fascinated by his father’s stories and dreamed of one day doing a similar type of adventure. As an adult, he often told friends of his hope to someday take a nationwide trip on a John Deere tractor, but life and busy schedules got in the way. However, in recent years, the dream began to tug at his heart again.

Finally, he made a decision to embark on his cross-trip adventure in the spring of 2014. Feeling that his adventure should have a purpose and a means to give back to others, he chose the Wounded Warriors Project. Ivan says he realizes how he often takes his freedom in America for granted and how lucky he is to be born and raised in a country where so many men and women have laid down their lives for our freedom and liberties. He believes this is a way he can give back to his country, and to these men and women.

Ivan says, “If I can draw awareness to the many heroes of this great America, then it will be worth it all. My hope is to bring a smile to those who may have lost a limb, or been wounded, who are perhaps feeling worthless and downtrodden.”

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