Maytag Salutes: Jason Goldsmith

22 May, 2014

Jason Goldsmith


Jason Goldsmith


Powell, Ohio

Why We’re Saluting Jason:

Jason served in the U.S. Army for five years and served in one deployment prior to being medically retired for his wounds sustained during combat. His MOS (military occupational specialty) was transportation specialist, and he was assigned to a gunner role during his deployment to Iraq in 2003. Jason’s function was to provide security and support for their convoys as they traveled through the Sunni Triangle and other dangerous parts of Iraq.

Prior to being wounded, Jason was involved in over 30 successful combat missions hauling mission essential materials to and from base camps around Iraq. He was critically wounded on April 10th in 2004 near Fallujah, Iraq when his Humvee rolled over an anti-take landmine. He suffered injuries to his left ankle and knee which have required seven surgeries to date. Jason spent the last 14 months of his military career at Walter Reed Army Medical Center undergoing operations and extensive rehabilitation on his injuries. He was medically retired on June 14th, 2005.

When asked why it’s important to give back to his community, Jason answers, “I feel giving back to the community, whether it is with time or money, is something that needs to be done to ensure the community continues to grow and prosper. It also instills a sense of self-worth in helping others who are not in a position to help themselves.”

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