Maytag Salutes: John DiThomas

27 May, 2014

John DiThomas


John DiThomas


Braddock, New Jersey

Why We’re Saluting John:

Since the age of 16, John has been an active volunteer member of the Cedar Brook Fire Company, which is now known as the Winslow Township Fire Department. During his years serving as a volunteer, he has been afforded numerous opportunities to take part in the fundraising efforts toward purchasing fire equipment and fire trucks. He has fought many fires and has been on-call 24 hours a day for the past 52 years.

In addition to maintaining a volunteer status with the fire company, he assisted in establishing the We Care Committee. This Committee holds benefits for those in need and also had a benefit for the 911 Disaster Fund.

John has also received numerous awards for his efforts, including the Outstanding Winslow Township Joe Bello Public Service Award (2004) and the Cedar Brook Fire Company Fireman of the Year (1990). He explains, “Giving back to my community has become so much of who I am that I would feel incomplete if I was not able to give support to others in some way. I feel that giving back to the community allows others to hopefully pay it forward someday, which allows for stronger community awareness.”

John adds, “I have lived my life in this community and have experienced decades of transitions, and I know that I can truly say that helping others is not about me. It is simply about those receiving the help and support and observing them embrace a renewed strength, renewed faith, and the belief that old traditions of helping others is meaningful and valuable.”

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